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Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Endoscopic sinus surgery allows surgeons to visualize and treat problem areas within the sinus cavities.  By using a thin, flexible fiber-optic tube, specialists can access all the major sinuses through the nasal cavities without the need of external incisions.  Because it is a much less invasive approach than traditional sinus surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery has drastically decreased the amount of discomfort associated with sinus procedures while reducing scaring and recovery time.

Candidates for endoscopic sinus surgery typically include those who suffer from chronic sinus infections or inflammation caused from blocked sinus passageways or diseased tissue.  Complications from a deviated septum, abnormally large nasal turbinates, or nasal polyps can also be corrected with endoscopic sinus surgery.  The goal of endoscopic sinus surgery is to identify and correct areas of reduced airflow, obstruction or poor drainage.  Outcomes of endoscopic sinus surgery include improved breathing and sense of smell along with a decrease in the frequency and severity of sinus infections.

Either general or local anesthesia can be used for endoscopic sinus surgery, depending on the patient and treatment. Through tiny incisions made inside the nostrils, specialized instruments are used to remove or correct obstructions such as polyps and scar tissue.  Nasal septums deviated by past trauma can be straightened through endoscopic sinus surgery.  It can also correct enlarged turbinates, which lie within the nasal passageways.  Turbinates filter and moisten air inside of the nose, but sometimes as a result of allergies, turbinates become abnormally large and interfere with breathing and drainage.  Balloon Sinuplasty can be combined with endoscopic sinus surgery when the expansion of passageways is needed.

Most Dayton endoscopic sinus surgery patients can go home the same day with only minimal nasal packing, if any at all. Post-surgical pain is typically less than traditional sinus surgery and overall endoscopic sinus surgery is much more tolerable.  Recovery is short and usually includes a few follow up visits to remove packing and ensure proper healing.

To find out if you are candidate, simply schedule a consultation with us at DeVore Katz Michaelson ENT. Our board certified staff has been helping Dayton endoscopic sinus surgery patients for many years and we’re confident we can help you, too!