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Hearing Aid Information

Centerville Hearing Associates is not limited to ordering hearing aids from one particular manufacturer.   Our Audiology department is well trained and routinely seeks out the best manufacturers and most up-to-date digital models available to accommodate each individual patient.  Many different styles of hearing aids are available and your audiologist will guide you with selection of what is most appropriate for you.

The levels of digital hearing aid technologies vary.  All will provide volume, but the features regarding background noise reduction and clarity vary between the different levels.  Most of our patients prefer higher levels of technology, as these higher end products provide greater benefit for background noise reduction.

Hearing-AidWhen hearing aids are purchased through our office, you will receive the following:

  • Cleaning tools and a case for storage
  • 30 day trial period
  • Hearing aid fitting session
    • After a fitting, we typically see our patients for a two week follow-up for adjustments.  Then, again two weeks later before the thirty day trial period has elapsed
  • Future hearing aid programming appointments included as well
    • We prefer to see our patients every 6 months for cleaning and examination of their hearing aids
  • Repair warranty and loss/damage warranty (length varies per product)
  • No charge for additional wax guards or replaceable domes

The most popular style of hearing aid continues to be the receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid.  The receiver-in-canal hearing aids fit a majority of patient’s ears comfortably and fit a wide range of hearing losses.  This style tends to provide the most background noise reduction for patients and typically sounds the most open or natural.  Some manufacturers now have a protective coating and/or water resistancy for this style as well, which provides longer lasting devices.  While some patients are quite concerned about wearing a device behind their ear, most are usually surprised how small and lightweight products have become.

The receiver-in-canal products consist of a hearing aid portion that contains the microphones and circuitry components.  Attached to the hearing aid is a thin, clear tubing with receiver components inside it that rests of the top of the ear.  This receiver tubing allows sound to be delivered to your ear. There is also a small rubbery-type piece on the end of this receiver tubing that helps hold it in place down in your ear canal.  This rubbery piece is called a dome or an earbud.

Some patients still desire a product that solely goes in the ear.  While many types of custom products are available, there are minimal custom products that are actually water resistant.   For a custom product, we would need to take a molded impression of each ear.  The impressions are then sent to the manufacturer for the custom product to be designed.

Our office accepts payment via cash, check, credit card or CareCredit.  CareCredit is a medical credit card that you apply for while in our office, and this card may be used instantly after approval.  You may select from various CareCredit financing plans, but the most popular plan seems to be 12 months with 0% interest.